Anxiety is becoming more commonplace every day. Anxiety and stress are present in our lives almost on a daily basis, and they can affect our mental and physical health. But given that we spend so much of our lives working, it’s crucial to our health that we don’t allow ourselves to get caught up in career anxiety.

Career Anxiety

Career anxiety is a sign that you’ve invested too much into earning a living. It’s one thing to invest money and time, even skill and ingenuity, but it’s another thing to invest your very essence and being. 

What Is Career Anxiety? 

Career anxiety is rooted in feelings of insecurity or unease associated with work. These negative emotions stem from concerns over things like money, status, job security, or social aspects of the job. Examples of job stress include self-doubt in a role, feeling as though you’re unworthy of a raise, limited opportunities for growth or development, or non-competitive pay. 

Whether you’ve experienced a lack of autonomy, or your worried about company layoffs, at one point or another we’ve all experienced some form of career anxiety. Still, some don’t even realize that career anxiety has taken a toll on their overall well-being. 

However, career anxiety becomes a problem when the stress overflows into other aspects of your life. Work can be very demanding, and when aspects of it spill over into your personal life, you’re likely to experience career-induced stress and anxiety. It’s important to ask yourself why you feel pressured or tense, and if it’s really worth the added strain. 

It’s Not All About The Money

You may be presented with the opportunity to switch roles or companies for added compensation. While it may be tempting, there is always more to consider than the amount of money you put in the bank. 

Take a moment to consider your productivity and concentration. Are you really going to enjoy this role? Is the lack of interest in the position going to negatively affect my level of concentration and productivity?

You should also consider the tasks at hand. If the new role asks much more of your time, consider whether it’s worth the added compensation.

At the end of the day, there’s more to consider than just the final paycheque.  

Find Your Purpose And Pursue It

Of course, it’s always in your best interest to work hard and do your best at everything you do. But when you’ve found a career utilizing your purpose or your passion, it’s not going to feel like work. Further, career anxiety will likely be a thing of the past if you’re truly focused on finding and pursuing your purpose. If you focus on finding and following your passion, you’ll focus less on money. In turn, this will relieve any career anxiety that you may be experiencing. 

So take time to really consider your passions in life, because if you can find the career path you’re meant to be on, the payoff is monumental. 

Worry about finding your passion or your purpose, and you’ll worry a lot less about money.

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