Loyalty, whether in your personal life or in business, is all about choice. You have the choice to stay with a company, or move on; you have the choice to bring a positive attitude to work every day, or bring drama; you have the choice to focus on what your company excels at, or bad-mouth the competition. All of these are your individual choices, but at the end of the day, loyalty begets loyalty and ultimately growth.

You are an Ambassador: Act Accordingly

When you are with a company you have to understand that every interaction you have inside and outside of the company’s walls will reflect back. You are an ambassador and should hold yourself to a higher standard of conduct as such, regardless of your actual title or position within that company.

“Every single person within a company should positively reflect that company’s core values, persona and business acumen,” says Roy Murad, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant. “At the end of the day your company’s success will depend on the value placed on your product, or your service. Too many people think that the way to get ahead is to speak negatively of their competition. However, I would argue just the opposite. Why give your competition any of your client’s attention by promoting them negatively or positively? Keep the focus on your business and your relationship first.”

Choose Opportunity

Small businesses are unique in that every single person can see and feel the impact their role has on the overall success of the company. Often, in big companies employees are treated and thought of as one of many nameless workers and this attitude negatively affects overall loyalty through high turnover rates and low morale. While the executive leadership definitely drives certain factors that could determine your longevity with a company (pay, vacation, training, etc.), you are ultimately responsible for your own career and journey within a company. Choose opportunity.

“I would say that there are benefits to sticking with a company when you can,” says Roy. “There will always be situations where it is necessary to move on, but committing to a company and working to grow personally, as well as professionally, is extremely satisfying. There are always opportunities for those who truly want them and if you continually show loyalty and commitment, those doors might just open up faster than you think.”

About Roy Murad

Roy Murad is a father, husband, business consultant, investor, advocate for new business ventures, and consummate entrepreneur. Over the course of 35 years building businesses, guiding companies and identifying strong investment opportunities, while nurturing a thriving family, Roy Murad has amassed a wealth of experience; experience, that may be of value to others who are looking to shape a balanced and successful life experience.

Find out more about Roy Murad at: http://roymurad.brandyourself.com/

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