Such is life, where heartbreak, setbacks, and utter failures materialize when we least expect them. Our principles can either aid or impede on our ability to push through complications to find success. It takes a positive mindset to dust ourselves off, regroup, and pick up the broken pieces. But there is beauty in the mess, and it’s up to us to find our passion in the struggle. 

Nothing is more precious to us than that which we create through hard work and struggle. While we know life often surprises us, it’s imperative that we create value in the battles and grow in the process. 

There are several keys to prosperity, many of which link directly to our personal principles:

Positive Thinking
Always finding the good in any situation is crucial to growth and success.

Increasing the Substance of Your Life
Create value by taking care of yourself and those around you. Find the joy in your life, and you will begin to see everything in a positive light. 

Be Consistent
When you fall, always get back up. Persistence and commitment are invaluable qualities.

Don’t let your problems overflow to other areas of your life that are otherwise perfectly fine. For example, if you have a problem in business, don’t let it affect your family life.

Value Yourself and Your Struggles
Your struggles have made you the person you are today; use that to your advantage and embrace them. 

We know we are going to stumble upon difficulties, that is certain. But brilliance is often pulled out of the dust, and the beauty is made from the broken pieces. We must create the value where before there only lay waste. 

If we know surprises are inevitable, we can focus less on avoiding failure and simply learn to embrace it. Let the dust settle, pick yourself up, make the necessary adjustments, and begin again. Extraordinary achievements are compiled of hundreds, maybe thousands, of small ones. While small starts may seem minor, they are steps forward, and they will only lead to success.

It must be that way so we can truly value what we have.

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Roy Murad is a father, husband, business advisor, investor, consummate entrepreneur, and advocate for new business ventures. Over the course of 35 years, Roy Murad has amassed a wealth of experience from building businesses, guiding companies, and identifying strong investment opportunities – all while nurturing a thriving family. Now, he looks to share his valuable experience with everyone who desires to live a balanced and successful life.

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